What does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis is simply being in a very relaxed level of awareness, an altered level of awareness which some people refer to as a trance.  I prefer not to use the word trance as this can make hypnosis seem more mystical than it it.  This altered level of awareness is accessed by all of us quite naturally every day.

Imagine yourself now in bed, just before you fall asleep at night or just before you are fully awake in the morning. Picture yourself just lying there completely content and soooo comfortable you do not want to move. Aware of where you are and everything around you but with thoughts just drifting easily in and out of your mind.  Even picturing this is making you feel more relaxed isn't it?  That is what being in this altered level of awareness feels like. 

 Or do you remember those times when you have been driving down a road that you know really well and suddenly you realise you are at the end of the road but were not aware of driving down it. This is the same altered level of awareness when our minds are working on automatic pilot.

It is a behaviour which we are so used to doing we do not need to be consciously aware of it. All the time this is happening our unconscious mind is aware of everything going on and is protecting us. If anything unusual or sudden happened we would immediately switch back to using our conscious mind again.