What is hypnotherapy and how can it help you?

Hypnotherapy is simply directing our resources towards the goal which we desire. NO ONE is under the control of anyone else. This is a complete myth and we are in full control the whole time and can get up and walk out of the room whenever we want to.  Hypnosis starts working from the first stage of going into a relaxed state. This is because there is a reduction of the stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol and an increase in the good feeling hormone, serotonin which immediately increases the activity of the immune system which fights off infection and disease. It is useful to do this on a daily basis and is similar to meditation. Anyone can be taught to do self hypnosis which can then be used at times that are deemed to be stressful. The more self hypnosis is practiced the easier it becomes.

The next stage is when the beneficial suggestions are made to the unconscious mind. Our unconscious minds are there too protect us and will only accept beneficial, positive, suggestions in keeping with our own individual personality. Anything else will be rejected. These suggestions are made as direct suggestions or indirect suggestions which could be in the form of visualisations and images or by regressing back to the first event and changing how we perceive that event by, for example allowing us to view it through adult eyes instead of a childs eyes. Being in a very relaxed state while all of this is happening enables these  suggestions to be accepted at a very deep level and at a faster rate. Even though the techniques used are similar to those used in counselling and psychotherapy, which can go on for years, the deep level of relaxation is the reason why Hypnotherapy is known as Brief Therapy.