I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Pauline Roberts for lack of confidence and self-esteem.  Since having these sessions I have felt much calmer, more positive and happier about moving forward.  Normally I would be panicking about my journey tomorrow but I feel very calm because I know I can deal with this and will deal with it when I get to the station.  Even my boss at work has commented on the change in me.  I would definitely recommend Pauline Roberts for Hypnotherapy.

Dorothy - Delicatessen Specialist


Hi Pauline

Thank you for your courtesy.

I have been out today with my wife and grandchildren albeit, driving upon 'B' roads.  I feel that I was driving with confidence and peace of mind.

I still experience considerable discomfort at my back, upper arms, and neck.  I believe the circumstances may have helped to obscure some driving concerns.

However, I have no reservations, regarding your treatment, as my mind is now clear of concern, in the matter of the nasty road incident last May.

Thank you for all that you have done.

I am extremely grateful to you Pauline, for what you have helped me to achieve.

Kindest regards

Laurence - Quantity Surveyor