Stress can affect us in all areas of our lives. Our bodies were not made to cope with the modern way of living e.g. slow internet, traffic jams, queuing, paying bills, deadlines, long hours in the office.  Our bodies originally dealt with the stresses of finding food and staying alive in exactly the same way that animals do.

The result of stress on our bodies is the release of adrenalin which is necessary to prepare us for fight, flight or freeze e.g. when confronted by a lion.  The stress hormone Cortisol is then produced flooding the body with glucose = energy, inhibiting insulin production = more energy and narrowing the arteries enabling the increased heart rate to pump more blood through.  Unfortunately when the stress is something that we cannot run away from or fight such as deadlines then we produce too much of these chemicals over a longer period of time which then harm our mental and physical health.  Too much adrenalin increases our blood pressure which can result in heart problems.  Too much cortisol can result in the suppression of the immune system as it kills off the white blood cells which are necessary in fighting infections.

Eventually, if this persists then the result can be chronic stress, anxiety and even depression.

Hypnotherapy can help deal with stress by reframing the original way of looking at whatever the situation may be that is causing the problem.  It can help by finding a more suitable method to deal with this particular issue and  by increasing the feelings of self-reliance that enable us to take control once again.