Weight Loss

Does being overweight make you feel low in confidence?

Does having that extra amount of fat make you feel unattractive?

Do you feel being overweight is effecting your relationships or lack of?

Do you feel that sometimes you do not want to go out because of your size?

Have you tried every fad diet going and now don't know where to turn?

Well maybe now is he time to consider Hypnotherapy which can help to enable you to view food in a totally different way.  Hypnotherapy can help you to:


  • Be in control of your eating
  • Feel healthy and full of energy
  • Feel happier in your own body
  • Increase your confidence
  • Increase your motivation
  • Change for the positive your view of exercise and eating


Hypnotherapy, for weight loss is not usually a one off treatment due to the numerous other issues that could be the cause of our unhealthy eating habits.  More often than not these other issues need to be dealt with first and once this is done then we find that food stops being the issue it once was.

Such issues could be lack of confidence, relationship problems, unresolved childhood issues, shyness, boredom, lack of control in other areas plus many more.

Sometimes it can be a secondary gain that is the reason that we are stuffing food into our mouths even though we feel full up already.  One example of this could be that if we lost weight we would become more attractive to the opposite sex and this would bring unwanted attention so it is easier to stay fat.

In our sessions we will be working on reducing any anxiety related to losing weight, eliminating any other issues that may arise from the case history.  We will be increasing motivation to change our eating habits and our exercise regime.  We will be visualising eating smaller portions, slower eating, being mindful of what we are eating and feeling satisfied with less.  All of this will be while in a lovely relaxed state.

Hypnotherapy will enable us to eat to live and will be tailored to individual needs.